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Frequently Asked Questions - wholesale

How do we make an order?
Simply browse the category (Collections); choose products, add quantity, checkout.
The purchase order will be emailed, and once processed, an invoice will be raised and payment accepted through BACS or over the phone.

How can we pay for the purchase or order?
You can pay for your order through BACS or over the phone with your debit card (registered address should be same as the delivery address), or you can also send a cheque to us, but we only can release the goods after the cheque had been cleared, or you can do bank transaction.

What is your minimum order?
The minimum purchase is £250 plus carriage and £500 for carriage free delivery to UK, the standard delivery charge of £12 will be applied to all orders delivered in UK.

Do you do the delivery?
Yes. We offer next day delivery to UK customers. The delivery period varies for the International buyers- depend on the final destination.

What’s the delivery charge?
We charge flat £12.00 per order under £500 for UK destination. The delivery charge varies for the International buyers depend on the final destination.

How much can we put in one carton?
One carton can be put between 4 pieces to 40 pieces depends on the size of the bags/accessories.

How long can we receive the goods in since we made the order?
Once we received your order, we can make them ready on the same day or the next working day.

Can we exchange the goods we bought or refund?
We only can replace the bags with manufacture faulty within 10 days after purchase, but not refund.

Can we ask for credit from you?
Sorry, we do not offer any credit purchase.

Is the price including VAT?
No, every order would have VAT added to it.

How often do you upgrade your catalogue?
The Catalogue is upgraded every month.

If the type display as “Out of Stock”, will you have them in future?
Yes, we will have them again. However, do check as some of the items are dropped to bring in new colours and style.

Can you make the design provided by us?
Yes, we can. Please contact us for more details.